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Unveiling a Masterpiece of Acoustic Design

El Monte Mountain View High School (MVHS) recently embarked on an ambitious and creative project, the Zoo Crew Project, featuring the innovative ZenTile SHADE series. This initiative showcases the perfect blend of functional acoustics and aesthetic appeal, setting a new benchmark in acoustic panel installations.

Customization at its Best: ZenTile SHADE in Action

For the Zoo Crew Project, the ZenTile SHADE series was customized to include over 30 unique outlines and two colorways. This customization reflects the project’s vibrancy and the diverse needs of the educational environment at MVHS.

The ZenTile SHADE Series: A Synthesis of Design and Functionality

The Versatility of ZenTile SHADE

The ZenTile SHADE series stands out for its versatility. With a vast range of sizes, shapes, patterns, and textures, it offers solutions that go beyond traditional tile acoustics. The series encompasses Geometric, Organic, Biophilic, and Thematic designs, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Seamless Integration and Aesthetic Harmony

A key feature of the ZenTile SHADE series is its seamless installation capability. The vee cut carved patterns and edges ensure hidden tile seams, promoting continuity of pattern and a sleek, unified appearance. This makes it an excellent choice for covering less-than-perfect surfaces, offering both beauty and practicality.

High Acoustic Performance

Beyond aesthetics, the ZenTile SHADE series delivers on performance. With an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.42-0.45, these acoustical tiles effectively manage sound within spaces, making them ideal for educational settings like MVHS, where clarity and concentration are paramount.


  • Implementing the Project: A Story of Creativity and Precision

    Tailored Acoustic Solutions for MVHS

    The customization of the ZenTile SHADE series for the Zoo Crew Project involved creating tiles in specific sizes, outlines, and shades to match the unique theme and requirements of the school. This level of customization is a testament to the flexibility and adaptability of ZenTile SHADE in various architectural contexts.

    Overcoming Installation Challenges

    The acoustic panels installation for the Zoo Crew Project was a meticulous process. Given the variety of designs and the need for precision, the installation required a careful and expert approach to ensure that each tile was perfectly aligned and integrated within the space.

    The Impact of ZenTile SHADE at MVHS

    Transforming Spaces with Acoustic and Aesthetic Excellence

    The installation of ZenTile SHADE at MVHS has transformed the spaces into vibrant, sound-optimized environments. The tiles not only enhance the acoustic quality but also add a dynamic visual element, contributing to a more engaging and conducive learning atmosphere.

    A Testament to Innovative Acoustic Solutions

    The success of the ZenTile SHADE in the Zoo Crew Project at MVHS stands as a testament to the possibilities of innovative acoustic solutions in educational settings. It demonstrates how functional requirements can be harmoniously blended with aesthetic aspirations.


Setting a New Standard in Acoustic Design

The implementation of the ZenTile SHADE series in the El Monte MVHS Zoo Crew Project marks a significant achievement in the field of acoustical tiles. It showcases how great design can lead to fun and functional projects, creating environments that are not only acoustically sound but also visually appealing. ZenTile SHADE, with its blend of design versatility and acoustic efficacy, sets a new standard in the realm of acoustic panel installations.

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