Acoustic Design Lab Custom ZenStar #355 #420 — One Work
ADL Custom ZenStar #355 #420 — One Work

The ZenStar is the highest acoustically-performing faceted “hex star” available today! ADL’s 12mm acoustic PET material delivers more than 30% better absorption than 7mm material and can be ordered in all colors. The custom aluminum framework and mechancially fastened connectors were designed to save weight and be rust free for life, regardless of proximity to overhead A/C and ventilation. ZenStar delivers maximum acoustical diffusion and absorption from every angle and designed to be installed in clusters, rows and floating as solo elements on one plane or at varying heights.

The ZenStar comes pre-assembled and ready-to-hang. Acoustic Design Lab recommends light gauge aircraft cable with gated gripper hooks for fast, secure suspension and easy leveling. The custom aluminum framework is 2 lbs lighter than the competition’s steel frame and abutted elements are mechanically connected via matching aluminum connectors. Quick, lightweight and safe installs using thicker and more durable 12mm Acoustic Design Lab’s PET panels ensure best-execution for your project. Designed to be installed in clusters, full coverage groupings, rows and floating as solo elements on one plane or at varying heights. ZenStar can be custom ordered with digital print, silkscreen, LED lighting and perforations for sprinklers, lights and other overhead elements. ADL does custom!