ZenScreen RAIN 3D Steel
ZenScreen PERF GDV90 Violet
ZenScreen PERF G30 Lime
ZenScreen PERF DOM Orange
ZenScreen MORSE Black
ZenScreen KEYHOLE Red
ZenScreen KARMA Fuscia
ZenScreen INCEPTION Navy
ZenScreen HEX DROP Limon
ZenScreen FLIGHT Blue
ZenScreen Inception
Custom ZenScreen in #135, #155 and #175 colorways
Custom ZenScreen in #135, #155 and #175 colorways
ADL Custom ZenScreen #155

ZenScreens are available  custom creations or choose from any of our 30+ standard designs. They can be suspended from high ceilings, direct mounted or in multiples on a Rolling Track System with unlimited options.  These acoustic screens can also be mounted tool-free to interior glass walls using magnets or clear suction cups providing privacy to fishbowl conference rooms in just minutes!

ZenScreens are made from our 12mm Acoustic ZenPanel that starts as a 4×8 or 4×9 sheet and are custom cut to order. Standard Type A NRC rating of 0.40 can vary depending on install location, perforations and distance off of a wall – raising the calculated NRC to 0.70 or higher