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Elevating Spaces with Acoustic Design Lab’s Custom Solutions

Acoustic Design Lab has once again set a benchmark in the world of acoustical solutions with its custom ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0 in #830 W Medium Eucalyptus Woodgrain. This Class A, 12mm PET Felt innovation is more than just a ceiling tile; it’s an architectural statement. Installed in a North County conference room, it exemplifies how functional acoustics can be seamlessly integrated into elegant interior design.

A Symphony of Expert Collaboration

This project is the result of a harmonious collaboration. Interior design maestro Tanya Furlong from ICE infused the space with her signature aesthetic charm. Garcia’s Precision Acoustics ensured a flawless installation, and JB Pacific’s construction expertise brought structural integrity to the project.

The ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0: Where Design Meets Function

Crafting a Distinctive Acoustic Environment

The ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0 is a testament to the ingenuity in tile acoustics. Designed to meet the dual needs of aesthetic appeal and acoustic efficiency, these tiles transform ceilings into canvases of style and sound absorption.

A Blend of Style and Substance

The #830 W Medium Eucalyptus Woodgrain finish of the ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0 adds a layer of sophistication, making it a perfect fit for high-end spaces like the North County conference room. This choice reflects a keen understanding of how texture and color influence a room’s ambiance.

The Functional Brilliance of ZenGrid

With an NRC rating that speaks volumes about its acoustic efficiency, ZenGrid tiles are not just about aesthetics. They are engineered to enhance sound quality, making them ideal for environments where clarity and focus are paramount.

The Installation: A Seamless Endeavor

Garcia’s Precision Acoustics: A Name Synonymous with Excellence

The installation of the ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0 by Garcia’s Precision Acoustics was a display of skill and meticulousness. Their expertise in handling acoustic panels for ceilings ensured that each tile was perfectly aligned, contributing to both the room’s acoustic and visual harmony.

Overcoming Challenges in Acoustic Installations

Installing acoustical ceilings, especially in spaces like a conference room, requires an eye for detail and a hand for precision. The team navigated these challenges adeptly, ensuring the installation was not just effective but also aesthetically pleasing.

The Role of Interior Design in Acoustic Solutions

Tanya Furlong’s Vision Brought to Life

Interior designer Tanya Furlong played a crucial role in this project. Her ability to blend functionality with style ensured that the ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0 tiles complemented the overall design of the conference room, enhancing its professional and sophisticated aura.

A Design that Speaks Volumes

Furlong’s choice of the ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0 in the specific woodgrain finish was a decision that added depth and character to the space. Her design approach goes to show how acoustic solutions can be integral to a room’s overall aesthetic.

A New Era in Acoustic Ceiling Design

The ZenGrid SHADE Coffer 2.0 project in North County is more than just an installation; it’s a milestone in the evolution of acoustical ceilings. Acoustic Design Lab, along with its collaborative partners, has demonstrated that functionality and elegance can coexist, bringing acoustic solutions into the realm of high-end design. This project stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities in the world of acoustic panel installations.

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