Acoustic Design Lab Custom ZenCloud MONO Hex #155 #430
Acoustic Design Lab Custom ZenCloud MONO Hex #155 #420 #430
ADL Custom ZenCloud MONO Hex #155 #430

Available in over 30 standard sizes and shapes and limitless custom options. ZenCloud MONO is your best option for high performance overhead Clouds.  Or proprietary 2×1 Cloud Track can be specified for individual Clouds or custom grouped Clusters that save cost and reduce excess cable drops while simplifying the leveling process.  Custom cutouts for lights and HVAC happen every day!  Pick up the phone and find out why ZenClouds are the best designed solution for your project!


Standard Shapes – Sizes Available:
Hex 24″ – 36″ – 48″
Round 24″ – 33″ – 48″
Square 24″ – 48″
Rectangles up to 48″ x 96″