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Introduction: ADL’s Expertise in Acoustic Design

Acoustic Design Lab (ADL) partnered with San Diego Office Design to develop a customized acoustic solution for the offices of L3 Harris. The brief called for suspended baffle arrays to surround the lighting installations on the mezzanine level while maintaining a sophisticated visual appeal. This requirement was met through the implementation of ADL’s ZenRack QUARENTA system, meticulously fabricated in #146 Medium Heather Grey and #370 Deep Blue to complement the ZenWall ART digital print series. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of this innovative solution and its key features, showcasing why architects and designers should specify ADL’s acoustical baffles in their future projects.

Design Specifications and Functional Excellence

Modular Fan Array Design

The ZenRack QUARENTA system is designed as a modular fan array of ceiling baffles, offering unparalleled scalability and design flexibility. The baffle blades are customizable in organic, geometric, or fluid shapes, allowing architects to craft bespoke ceiling baffles that align with their clients’ creative visions. The system’s diameters range from 6 feet up to 19 feet, accommodating a wide range of architectural requirements.

Exceptional Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

The ZenRack QUARENTA system delivers an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 1.0, ensuring maximum sound absorption and noise reduction. This NRC value signifies that the acoustical baffle system absorbs nearly all incident sound waves, effectively reducing reverberation and echo within the environment. This performance was critical for L3 Harris, given the high ceilings and open floor layout of their mezzanine level.

Material Specifications and Sustainability

  1. Declare: Red List Free Materials: ZenRack QUARENTA is made from Declare-certified acoustic PET Felt materials, free from harmful chemicals listed in the Red List, ensuring that the baffles meet the highest environmental standards.
  2. LEED Green Building Credits: The system qualifies for LEED Green Building Credits, making it a suitable choice for projects prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendly certifications.
  3. HPD 2.2 Compliant: The baffle system is HPD 2.2 (Health Product Declaration Collaborative Open Standard v2.2) compliant, demonstrating its adherence to strict health and safety standards.
  4. Class A Fire Rated: ZenRack QUARENTA has a Class A Fire Rating, providing the highest level of fire safety for commercial and public installations.

Installation and Practical Implementation

Comprehensive Design Support

To facilitate seamless installation, ADL produced detailed drawings outlining the positioning of the baffle arrays relative to the lighting fixtures. These plans ensured that the acoustic system not only achieved its intended noise reduction goals but also complemented the visual aesthetic of the space.

Simplified Installation with Modular Arrays

The modular fan array design allows for a simplified installation process. The flexibility in shape customization and array size enabled ADL to tailor the ZenRack QUARENTA system to fit precisely around the lighting fixtures, ensuring that the acoustical baffles were positioned optimally for sound control.

ZenWall ART and ZenRack QUARENTA: Complementary Acoustic Systems

ZenWall ART Series

The ZenWall ART digital print series, also featured in the L3 Harris project, spans 20 feet laterally across the mezzanine level, working harmoniously with ZenRack QUARENTA to provide comprehensive noise control. The ZenWall panels are printed with intricate digital art designs, adding a visually stimulating element while maintaining the same high NRC performance standard as ZenRack QUARENTA.

Combined Acoustic Performance

Together, the ZenWall ART and ZenRack QUARENTA systems achieve exceptional noise reduction and acoustic balance. The combined use of these systems provides an immersive solution that absorbs a wide spectrum of sound frequencies while contributing to a cohesive visual identity within the office environment.

Why Choose ADL’s Acoustic Baffle Systems

The L3 Harris project illustrates ADL’s commitment to creating tailored acoustical baffle solutions that meet both the aesthetic and acoustic needs of complex architectural environments. The ZenRack QUARENTA system stands out for its modular flexibility, high NRC value, and Declare-certified sustainability credentials. When combined with complementary systems like ZenWall ART, ADL offers a comprehensive range of acoustic solutions that architects and designers can confidently specify in their projects.

Key Advantages of ADL’s Acoustic Baffle Systems

  1. Customizability and Scalability: The modular fan array design and shape customization options make ZenRack QUARENTA adaptable to any architectural requirement.
  2. Noise Reduction Excellence: The NRC of 1.0 ensures maximum sound absorption, significantly reducing reverberation and echo.
  3. Environmental Compliance: By being Declare-certified and HPD 2.2 compliant, the system qualifies for LEED credits and ensures the highest levels of health and safety.
  4. Installation Precision: Detailed installation drawings and modular arrays allow for precise and efficient placement, accommodating lighting fixtures and other architectural elements seamlessly.

Architects and designers looking to optimize acoustics and visual aesthetics should consider ADL’s ZenRack QUARENTA for its superior performance, sustainability, and ability to deliver on even the most challenging acoustic design briefs.

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