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CREW Builders is a fan of Acoustic Excellence with Acoustic Design Lab: Your Tailored Acoustic Solution

In the world of architecture, design, and construction, achieving acoustic excellence is a paramount goal. Unwanted noise can disrupt the harmony of any space, affecting productivity and well-being. At Acoustic Design Lab (ADL), we understand the importance of harmonious acoustics. We take pride in our commitment to crafting innovative, custom acoustic solutions for professionals like you. In this blog post, we will introduce you to two of our signature products, ZenRack Quarenta and ZenBaffle MITRE, and showcase how they can elevate your acoustic design projects.


The Power of Collaboration

One of the cornerstones of our success is the synergy that exists between architects, designers, and contractors. The Del Mar project is a prime example, where the talents of San Diego Office Design, led by the brilliant Tamara Romeo, and the construction expertise of Jeff Salewsky, the principal and founder of CREW Builders, converged to create something extraordinary. This collaboration underscores the vital role acoustics play in modern office spaces.

Beyond Standard Acoustics

At ADL, we don’t just build spaces; we build acoustic experiences. We believe that effective sound control is the key to a productive, serene, and comfortable environment. That’s where ZenRack Quarenta and ZenBaffle MITRE come into play.

Meet ZenRack Quarenta and ZenBaffle MITRE

ZenRack™: Acoustic Innovation

ZenRack™ is an exceptional range of racked baffles and cloud elements. They are meticulously designed with creative arrays, non-linear geometry, and imaginative folds and facets. These innovative features are more than aesthetics; they serve a practical purpose. The structural rack offers ease of installation, even in spaces with overhead challenges, and simplifies compliance with seismic regulations. Additionally, ZenRack prevents HVAC systems from inadvertently shifting individual baffles and clouds. What truly sets ZenRack apart is its unparalleled level of customization, allowing you to explore a wide range of geometries, shapes, and textures. It’s where creativity meets functionality.

ZenRack Quarenta: The Modular Fan Array

ZenRack Quarenta, an integral part of the ZenRack family, is a modular fan array of racked baffles that offers scalability like no other. What’s truly exciting is the level of customization it provides. Baffle Blades can be tailored to fluid, organic, or geometric shapes, enabling you to bring your creative visions to life in your client’s space. With diameters ranging from 6 feet up to a striking 19 feet in most designs, ZenRack Quarenta offers flexibility that’s unparalleled in the industry.

A Prime Example of Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Systems

ZenRack Quarenta and ZenBaffle MITRE stand out as prime examples of acoustic baffle ceiling systems. With their innovative designs and customizable options, they provide standard sound diffusion and absorption while elevating your space’s aesthetics.

ZenBaffle MITRE: Chambered Acoustic Excellence

ZenBaffle MITRE is the pinnacle of chambered baffle design. It offers a seamless look with customizable options that meet the highest acoustical standards, exceeding NRC 1.0. Whether you need single elements or a ZenRack™ MITRE assembly, ZenBaffle MITRE delivers remarkable acoustic performance. With professional guidance on tap, you can rest assured that your specification is perfectly dialed in.

Functional Aesthetics

In the world of architectural acoustics, where aesthetics meet functionality, ZenRack Quarenta and ZenBaffle MITRE by ADL reign supreme. These products offer an unprecedented level of customization and acoustic performance, making them essential tools for architects, designers, and contractors who understand the importance of acoustics in modern spaces.

We’re excited to work with professionals like you who seek acoustic excellence. If you’re ready to explore how ZenRack Quarenta and ZenBaffle MITRE can elevate your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s collaborate to create acoustic brilliance that leaves a lasting impression.

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