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Acoustic Design Lab, a leading provider of the Best Acoustic Panelsunderstands the crucial role that acoustic panels, acoustic baffles and acoustic tiles play to create optimal acoustic environments. We offer a range of top-quality Sound Panels for Walls designed to enhance the acoustics of various spaces, for any commercial space or venue.

Our Best Acoustic Panels are strategically engineered to deliver exceptional sound absorption. These Sound Panels For Walls will also enhance aesthetic appeal with endless customization options. Below you get info about our exclusive series of acoustic panels that stand out as some of the Best Soundproofing Panels in the industry.

Acoustic Design Lab’s range of Best Soundproofing Panels provides effective solutions to solve multiple acoustic challenges. If you want to enhance the sound quality of your space, reduce noise and improve aesthetic appeal, our Sound Panels For Wallsoffer exceptional performance with superior design. Choose from our custom acoustic panels series to create an acoustically optimized environment.


ZenWall is our category of high-performance acoustic wall coverings with standard sizes up to 4’x9’ including over 50 unique Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic architectural designs spanning 8 Series.  Custom design and scale available.

ZENWALL™ series by Acoustic Design Lab consists of 32 different types of Best Acoustic Panels that can perfectly transform the walls of any room into effective sound absorbers. These Best Soundproofing Panels come with a sleek and modern design and deliver excellent noise reduction and echo control. ZENWALL™ panels can match different aesthetics and design preferences.


ZenBaffles offer the widest range of customization, geometry, shapes and textures of any acoustic product line.  Acoustic Design Lab produces 2D and 3D Baffles for every budget and any type of indoor overhead environment. Our design team specializes in custom, continuous-run baffles that suspend with long-length aluminium extrusion or interlocking ends for near-seamless spans. Custom sizes, designs, SHADE textures, patterns and layers available.

The ZENBAFFLE™ series offers 14 innovative acoustic baffles that can minimize sound reflections and control reverberations in large spaces like auditoriums, concert halls, or open office environments. These baffles can be easily stopped from ceilings for both acoustic treatment and visual appeal.


ZENLIGHT™ series offers 7 acoustic lighting fixtures that combine functional lighting with sound absorption capabilities. These panels not only enhance the acoustic environment of a space but also provide warm and pleasant illumination.


ZenTile is comprised of high-performance acoustic wall tiles with a huge range of standard sizes, shapes, patterns and textures incorporating Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic designs.

The ZENTILE™ series includes 30 versatile acoustic ceiling tiles ideal for restraining noise and improving sound quality in commercial buildings, offices, and other interior spaces. These tiles fit perfectly into standard ceiling grid systems.



ZenCloud covers an extensive range of ceiling-suspended 2D and 3D acoustic clouds that can be installed individually or in series with endless options for layout and spacing to accommodate overhead elements.  Acoustic Design Lab offers locally produced proprietary architectural grade aluminium extrusions for levelling, abutting and installing clusters with reduced cable drops and maximum efficiency.  Custom sizes, designs, textures, patterns and layering are available.

ZENCLOUD™ series offers 15 balanced acoustic clouds to improve speech intelligibility, reduce noise, and control echoes in large areas like conference rooms, restaurants, or educational facilities. These elegant and lightweight clouds can create visually appealing and acoustically optimized surroundings.



ZenStar is a best-in-class tessellated 3D Hex Star with a custom aircraft-grade aluminium frame. Designed to be installed both individually and in clusters, our ZenStar is the acoustically highest performing “Hex Star” in the market with the most rigid, yet lightest weight due to its innovative aircraft aluminium frame and stainless fasteners. Available in multi-colour assemblies and scalable in size with a custom order and MOQ.

ZENSTAR™ is a single, state-of-the-art acoustic diffuser offered by Acoustic Design Lab. This diffuser can scatter sound waves in different directions to reduce flutter echoes and enhance the overall acoustic quality of a room. ZENSTAR™ is a perfect choice for recording studios, or any space that requires precise sound diffusion.



ZenRack is a diverse range of racked baffles or cloud elements designed with creative arrays, non-linear geometry and creative folds and facets. As a bonus, the structural rack provides both ease of installation around overhead challenges and simplifies the accommodation of seismic compliance. ZenRack is also a great solution to prevent HVAC from moving individual baffles and clouds about. As always,  we complement the series with the widest range of customization, geometry, shapes and textures of any acoustic product line.

ZENRACK™ series offers four practical and effective sound-absorbing racks designed for equipment and server rooms. These racks provide noise reduction, thermal management, and vibration isolation for quiet and stable surroundings for sensitive equipment.



ZenGrid is our category of high-performance decorative acoustic drop ceiling tiles. Available in 2×2 and 2×4 formats, we offer over 50 unique Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic architectural designs spanning 7 Series.  Custom designs, textures, patterns and layers are available.

The ZENGRID™ series consists of 16 high-performance decorative acoustic grids that are Soundproofing panels for improved sound quality and reduced background noise in open-plan office spaces, restaurants, or public areas. These versatile panels can be easily integrated into existing ceiling grids for an attractive and acoustically optimized solution.



ZenScreen is our category of high-performance acoustic wall coverings with standard sizes up to 4’x9’ including over 50 unique Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic architectural designs spanning 8 Series. Custom design and scale available.

The ZENSCREEN™ series comprises 32 portable and freestanding acoustic screens. These great Sound Panels For Walls can enhance privacy and control sound transmission in open workspaces, conference rooms, or educational settings. These screens offer both functionality and aesthetic value.