ZenWall is our category of high-performance acoustic wall coverings with standard sizes up to 4’x9’ including over 50 unique Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic architectural designs spanning 8 Series.  Custom design and scale available.

ZenWall™ SHADE (15)

ZenWall SHADE Series is the master of seamless installation with 30+ designs spanning Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic styles. The vee cut carved patterns and edges enable hidden panel seams and continuity of pattern or design with virtually no visible seam lines. Many are rotatable and reversible with others provided unique non-repeating designs along 40+ linear feet of wall. Custom available.

Elevate your space with our premium acoustic shading solution, combining style, functionality, and exceptional sound control.

ZenWall™ SHADOW (3)

ZenWall SHADOW Series take a 2D ZenWall and adds an integrated pop-out design element to create shadowed shaped and expanded texture. Designs include tessellated patterns, organic shapes and geometric repeats to create a subtle shadow effect.

Experience captivating elegance and subtle shading with our acoustic solution designed to enhance ambiance and privacy.

ZenWall™ STRIPS (1)

ZenWall STRIPS Series is a creative, planked wall covering in woodgrain prints and/or solid colors in an endless variety of custom options and several standard width and orientations. Available in a “REVEAL” design with a darker exposed wall between STRIPS or as a double-layered “DUO” design on your substrate color of choice. STRIPS start at 1in width to as wide as your design demands!  NRC 0.45 to 0.90

Add a touch of modern sophistication to your space with our sleek and versatile acoustic strip solutions.

ZenWall™ REVEAL (6)

ZenWall REVEAL Series is a portfolio of perforated peel & stick wall covering acoustic panels in 4’x4’ or 4’x9’ full sheet formats of Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic designs. Most designs are available as rotatable and/or reversible which provide unlimited options for completely unique installations. Paint your environment’s wall to compliment or contrast with the ZenWall REVEAL colorways for an easy and competitive two-tone finish! NRC 0.30-0.44 depending on design. Custom available.

Enhance your space with our stylish acoustic solution featuring clean lines and subtle reveals for a contemporary look.

ZenWall™ DUO (4)

ZenWall DUO Series is the dynamic, high-performance master of acoustic wall covering with calculated NRC ratings from 0.60 to 0.90. Our hand-made and double-layered DUO is best-in-class for both design options and performance with easy install and integrated minimalist seams. Customizable.

Elevate your space with our dual-tone acoustic solution, offering a harmonious blend of style and sound control.

ZenWall™ MOSAIC (1)

ZenWall MOSAIC Series includes over a dozen standard single layer designs and unlimited customization of mixed colors in Geometric Patterns and Organic Shapes – NRC 0.45

Create a stunning visual impact with our mosaic-inspired acoustic solution, combining artistry and acoustic performance seamlessly.

ZenWall™ ART (1)

ZenWall ART Series is defined by custom digitally printed acoustic 2D and 3D panels and a portfolio of images spanning the spectrum of natural textures, landscapes, architectural surfaces and socially themed visuals. ART can be produced with all of our ZenWall Series plus ZenWall 3D Murals with acoustic performance exceeding NRC 1.0

Infuse your space with creativity and acoustic control using our artistic Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels, designed to inspire and captivate.

Introducing the extraordinary ZenWall™, an innovative acoustic solution carefully crafted to offer a feeling of peace and quiet to your areas. At Acoustic Design Lab, we know the significance of creating harmonious environments with Custom Acoustic Panels that facilitate peace and well-being. With ZenWall™, we offer a unique mixture of acoustic performance and aesthetic beauty.

ZenWall™ is engineered with advanced sound-absorbing materials, which include Felt Wall Covering and Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels that successfully decrease unwanted echoes and reverberations. Whether you’re in an office, conference room, meditation room or yoga studio, ZenWall™ creates acoustically balanced surroundings that allow you to work and create or rejuvenate without distractions. The high-performance sound absorption properties of ZenWall™ deliver clean and crisp sound quality, improving the general experience of your space.

We believe that aesthetics play an equally vital role in creating a serene environment. ZenWall™, with its Felt Wall Covering and Custom Acoustic Panels, is designed to deliver superior acoustic performance and also elevate the visual appeal of your areas. With customizable alternatives like distinctive colors, textures, and styles at your disposal, ZenWall™ seamlessly integrates into your existing design scheme. Transform your space into an oasis with ZenWall™ where tranquility meets aesthetics.

ZenWall™ offers versatile solutions catering to numerous environments in which calm and quiet is paramount, like wellness centers, conference rooms, or residential spaces. Our professionals will work with you to decide the most effective configurations for installation techniques, ensuring that ZenWall™, with its Felt Wall Covering, gives you its full capability. You get hassle-free installation with our designs and maintenance from our installers for your clients’ peace of mind.

ZenWall™ Custom Acoustic Panels are designed in such a way that they can be easily installed. Our team will guide you through every step for a seamless installation of Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels, saving time and effort so your clients can enjoy the tranquillity of our products without any additional stress.

We believe in personalization and offer flexibility when customizing your acoustic experience. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a softer or more vibrant ambiance, we can tailor the acoustic properties of ZenWall™ Felt Wall Covering to create the ideal environment for your specific needs. Immerse yourself in a personalized Zen experience with ZenWall™, where acoustics and aestetics intertwine.

Experience the transformative power of ZenWall™ and create serence spaces that inspire innovation, promote productivity. ZenWall™, products like our Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels and Custom Acoustic Panels, are the perfect acoustic solution for those seeking balance and tranquility. Contact us today to explore how ZenWall™ can elevate your space.