ZenTile is comprised of high-performance acoustic wall tiles with a huge range of standard sizes, shapes, patterns and textures incorporating Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic designs.

ZenTile™ MONO (4)

ZenTile MONO Series is made from our 12mm solid panel available with vertical CNC cut edges for a solid and uniform surface and a wide range of shapes and size with an NRC of 0.45. Custom available.

Get sleek and seamless acoustic perfection with our monochromatic Felt Wall Tiles, blending style, and sound control effortlessly.

ZenTile™ SHADE (9)

ZenTile SHADE Series is the master of seamless installation with 40+ designs spanning Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic styles. The vee cut carved patterns and edges provide integrated hidden tile seams and continuity of pattern. Great for less-than-perfect surfaces! NRC 0.42-0.45 Custom size, outline and shade carving available.

Enhance your space with our versatile Acoustic Tile, offering a harmonious blend of style and sound control.

ZenTile™ DUO (8)

ZenTile DUO Series is the dynamic, high-performance master of acoustic tile creativity with calculated NRC ratings from 0.60 to 0.90. Our hand-made and double-layered DUO is best-in-class for both design options and performance with easy install and integrated minimalist seams. Many designs are “Truchet” creating single-tile, rotatable endlessly unique designs. Highly customizable.

Take your space to new heights with our dual-tone acoustic tiles, striking a perfect balance between stylish design and superior sound management.

ZenTile™ 3D (8)

ZenTile 3D Series delivers the highest sound absorption performance available in the market with 3D depth up to 5in on standard designs greatly exceeding NRC 1.0 – build your design with unlimited options for mixing depth, texture and geometry! Many designs install with self-levelling acoustic cleats for easy install and higher performance. Custom always available.

Add depth and dimension to your space with our innovative 3D acoustic Felt Tiles, combining style and sound control.

ZenTile™ 3D ART (1)

ZenTile ART Series is defined by custom digitally printed acoustic 2D and 3D tiles and a portfolio of images spanning the spectrum of natural textures, landscapes, architectural surfaces and socially themed visuals. ART can be produced with all of our ZenTile Series with acoustic performance exceeding NRC 1.0

Unleash your creativity with our artistic 3D acoustic Tiles, transforming your space into a work of art.

Acoustic Design Lab presents ZenTile™ which brings together modern design and remarkable ambient sound control. ZenTile™ is a versatile Acoustic Tile system that allows you to customize your soundscape and add a unique look to your area. Whether you are designing an expert workplace or a restaurant, ZenTile™ drastically boosts the acoustic performance for modern surroundings. Our ZenTile™ is crafted with precision utilizing premium  materials and fabrication methods to ensure the most efficient sound absorption and diffusion.

By strategically positioning ZenTile™ Felt Wall Tiles panels in your space, you can efficiently manage sound and reverberation and get superior ambiance and overall sound quality. One of the key benefits of contemporary ZenTile™ Felt Tiles is its versatility. With an in-depth variety of brand-new designs and patterns at your fingertips, you get to create a unique and visually stunning acoustic space. Whether you like minimalist, geometric designs, or organic finishes – we’ve got something for each flavor.

Installing brand new ZenTile™ Acoustic Tile is easy due to our adhesive backed system that allows hassle-free mounting. We offer comprehensive install guidance from our professionals through every step of this process for an easy-to-follow experience. And with its durable construction and built-to-last structure you get assured that it’ll provide long-term acoustic advantages for years yet to come. Our most effective ZenTile™ Felt Tiles enhance the acoustics of your spaces with a hint of sophistication and beauty. The amazing Felt Wall Tiles are a harmonious combination of aesthetics and acoustics. We are committed to delivering products that blend functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.

Our top-notch Felt Wall Tiles boast exceptional sound absorption capabilities with a unique touch of style to any setting. Crafted from premium quality materials these tiles not only improve acoustic performance but also increase the visual enchantment of your surroundings. With these tiles, you get to experience superior beauty and acoustic excellence. With ZenTile™ Felt Tiles  – there’s no need to compromise on style while creating an acoustically pleasing environment. Experience ZenTile™in your designs today – witness how it elevates the aesthetics of your spaces!

Whether you are an architect, designer, acoustic consultant or installer – we are right here to help you in choosing an appropriate ZenTile™ for you. Get in touch with us today to discover the endless possibilities of the latest ZenTile™ and revolutionize your acoustic layout.