ZenScreen is our category of high-performance acoustic wall coverings with standard sizes up to 4’x9’ including over 50 unique Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic architectural designs spanning 8 Series.  Custom design and scale available.

ZenScreen™ PERF (22)

ZenScreen PERF Series is our best-selling industry standard with Acoustic Design Lab offering the the best balance of privacy, sounds absorption, design and just plain fun!   Available with rolling track installation and unlimited variation with 50+ patterns spanning Geometric, Organic and Thematic designs. Our Trademarked Morse Code Designs can be tailored to client’s branding, subtle innuendo or PG-13+ commentary!

Immerse your space in perfect sound reflection with our range of precision-engineered sound-absorbing wall panels.

ZenScreen™ DUO (10)

ZenScreen DUO is a highly customizable double layer version of our ZenScreen PERF. Mix and match colors with a solid back panel, identically patterned mirrored-color design or pull an offset double layer design from your uncontrolled imagination.

Available as static cable suspended, overlapping rolling track, magnetic glass wall mount or framed, ZenScreen DUO is available in the broadest range of patterns in the market. All design is done in-house and in collaboration with your team!

Let’s spice up the space, filter some noise and stop focusing on that one new staffer!

Versatile Sound Absorbing Wall Panels in various designs, colors, and sizes offer visual appeal and exceptional acoustic performance.

Acoustic Design Lab offers revolutionary solutions for a top-notch acoustic experience. We introduce ZenScreen™ Sound Absorbing Wall Panels that can elevate your space with superior sound control and aesthetics.

ZenScreen™ wall panels can transform your surroundings into an acoustic haven. Whether you are creating a professional recording studio, a workplace, or a restaurant, ZenScreen™ Acoustic Sound Panels provide remarkable sound control to enhance the quality of your audio and create a serene environment.

The core of ZenScreen™ is an advanced sound absorption technique. Those panels are engineered to successfully reduce reverberation, echoes, and unwanted reflections to improve speech intelligibility, music clarity, and overall acoustic performance. Strategically setting ZenScreen™ Acoustic Sound Panels in your space minimizes acoustic distractions and guarantees standard sound quality. Say goodbye to bothersome echoes and hello to a rich immersive audio experience.

ZenScreen™ not only excels in performance but also delivers on aesthetics. With its sleek design that is adaptable to any environment, it adds elegance and sophistication. Available in various colors, sizes, and finishes; ZenScreen™ Sound Baffle Boards offer endless design possibilities. You get the freedom of customizing your acoustic solution according to your unique style requirements, whether you prefer bold or subtle statements.

Acoustic Design Lab pays unique attention to your convenience and flexibility. So, our ZenScreen™ Acoustic Sound Panels are designed for smooth installation and a problem-free way to transform your space. With numerous mounting alternatives, like wall mounting, ceiling suspension, or freestanding setups, you can choose the most appropriate technique as per your requirements. The adaptability of ZenScreen™ Sound Baffle Boards is another key function as they can be expanded without any difficulty to give you the freedom of modifying your acoustic setup as per your convenience and evolving needs. That is why they are the suitable solution for each installation whether temporary or permanent.

At Acoustic Design Lab, we deliver only top-class products. ZenScreen™ Sound Absorbing Wall Panels are crafted with premium quality materials that make sure long-lasting sturdiness and overall performance. Those panels can keep their acoustic residences and aesthetic attraction for future years. With ZenScreen™, you can trust in the reliability and excellence of our Sound Baffle Boards.

Whether you are looking for an optimal audio environment for your professional studio, a private sanctuary for your own, or a tranquil atmosphere in your workplace; ZenScreen™ Acoustic Sound Panels by way of Acoustic Design Lab are the perfect solution for experiencing acoustic bliss. Remodel your area with advanced sound managing Sound Baffle Boards with aesthetics. Browse our collection of ZenScreen™ panels today and find out how they can revolutionize your acoustic experience.

Upgrade your surroundings with Acoustic Design Lab & ZenScreen™ for remarkable sound quality & timeless fashion. Contact us now to know more about how ZenScreen™ Sound Absorbing Wall Panels can transform your area into an acoustic paradise. Witness the power of acoustic innovation with Acoustic Design Lab!