ZenRack is a diverse range of racked baffles or cloud elements designed with creative arrays, non-linear geometry and creative folds and facets. As a bonus, the structural rack provides both ease of install around overhead challenges and simplifies the accommodation of seismic compliance. ZenRack is also a great solution to prevent HVAC from moving individual baffles and clouds about. As always,  we compliment the series with the widest range of customization, geometry, shapes and textures of any acoustic product line.

ZenRack™ SLIM (1)

ZenRack SLIM Series is our “racked” baffle system available using the entire ZenBaffle SLIM portfolio. Mix and match colors, create undulating baffle arrays all with a stable and easy to install rack system.

ZenRack™ SLIM is the right solution for your Acoustic Baffle Panels needs. With its sleek design, ZenRack™ SLIM offers effective sound absorption and also delivers a minimalist aesthetic for your surroundings. Enhance the acoustics of your space with this versatile and smart solution that seamlessly blends functionality and layout.

ZenRack™ FOLD (2)

ZenRack FOLD Series is a racked and folded 3D Cloud assembly available in standard and custom formats and sizes. Sierra Design is a folded “V” texture cloud element with superior sounds absorption and diffusion. Shippable UPS/FedEx and installs with 4 cable drops.

Experience the versatility of ZenRack™™ Series: ZenRack™ FOLD, the innovative solution for Acoustic Ceiling Baffles. Designed with a foldable feature, ZenRack™ FOLD offers flexibility in installation with storage options and delivers premium sound absorption. It also provides the highest-performing NRC with endless possibilities for personalized designs. Transform your space with this convenient acoustic solution that effectively combines functionality and comfort.

ZenRack™ QUARENTA (1)

ZenRack QUARENTA is a modular fan array of racked Baffles that is highly scalable. Baffle Blades can be customized in fluid, organic or geometric shapes to support your creative dreams in your client’s space!  Diameters from 6ft up to 19 feet are available in most designs.

Our ZenRack™ QUARENTA is the prime example of the Acoustic Baffle Ceiling System. With its unique forty-degree angled design, ZenRack™ QUARENTA offers standard sound diffusion and absorption. Elevate your acoustic experience with this cutting-edge solution that combines superior performance and contemporary design for enhanced noise control in any space.

Acoustic Design Lab offers state-of-the-art acoustic solutions designed to elevate any space. We introduce ZenRack™, our exceptional line of Acoustic Ceiling Baffles that will revolutionize your ambient acoustic experience. ZenRack™ is the ideal blend of functionality, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. These features make it the ultimate alternative for those who aspire to optimize sound management and style in their surroundings.

ZenRack™ Acoustic Baffle Panels are crafted expertly to address common acoustic challenges like excessive noise, echoes, and reverberations. These baffles provide a quieter and more comfortable space and enhance speech intelligibility by effectively absorbing and diffusing sound waves. With the strategic installation of ZenRack™ Acoustic Baffle Ceiling System, you can transform your space into a haven of tranquility with improved overall acoustic performance.

One of the key benefits of ZenRack™ is its adaptability. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colors; these Acoustic Baffle Panels can match your design preferences while seamlessly getting integrated into your existing interior. Whether you prefer a subtle minimalist look or a bold statement piece; our experts can customize these Acoustic Ceiling Baffles according to your aesthetic vision to deliver superior sound quality.

Installing ZenRack™ is effortless and uncomplicated. Our professionals work closely with you to evaluate your setting and determine the right placement for maximum efficiency in controlling acoustics. With our expert installation services; you can trust that these Acoustic Baffle Panels will be securely mounted and you would get a long-lasting performance with unmatched durability.

ZenRack™ finds applications in various environments like offices, schools, restaurants and auditoriums where sound quality and control is essential. That’s why our Acoustic Baffle Ceiling System is an ideal solution for optimizing acoustics in large open spaces or specific areas for noise control. At Acoustic Design Lab, you get innovative solutions with an Acoustic Baffle Ceiling System that transforms spaces into environments of tranquility with exceptional sound quality.

With ZenRack™ Acoustic Ceiling Baffles; you get to experience an enhanced visual appeal of your spaces. Explore our line of Acoustic Ceiling Baffles today and let us help you achieve optimal sound control and aesthetics in your space.