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Introducing ZenLight™ by Acoustic Design Lab is a groundbreaking lighting and sound solution that merges the usefulness of a Baffle Ceiling Light with sound baffles. This exceptional design smoothly integrates lighting elements into acoustic panels to deliver efficient illumination and superior sound absorption. ZenLight™ Sound Baffle Design is the ideal solution for commercial and residential spaces where lighting and acoustics are essential considerations.

The Acoustic Sound Baffles Light is an innovative open lighting fixture with a baffle trim that simultaneously controls acoustic ambiance and lighting. It is suitable for offices, conference rooms, retail stores, and educational institutions where ambient lighting is needed. The baffle design reduces unwanted noise and offers illumination for an optimal environment. ZenLight™ stands out from others in the market due to its special features like custom up or down lighting and use of energy-efficient LED technology for sustainability. Baffle Ceiling Light also provides options for personalization with various sizes, shapes, patterns and textures.

Apart from its lighting capabilities, ZenLight™ Sound Baffle Design are built into sound baffles that enhance acoustic performance by absorbing sound waves to reduce reverberations for better speech clarity and reduced noise levels. The specially engineered sound baffles of ZenLight™ have excellent absorption properties which significantly control echo. It seamlessly gets integrated with its surroundings and creates visually appealing designs that can seamlessly compliment existing decor.

ZenLight™ Sound Baffle Design also eliminates the need for separate lighting fixtures and sound-absorbing panels in offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, auditoriums, and entertainment venues because it combines both lighting elements with acoustic baffles.  ZenLight™ Acoustic Sound Baffles is a highly versatile and practical solution ideal for anyone seeking an integrated approach to lighting and acoustics in their space. Whether for residential or commercial settings, ZenLight™ is the perfect choice to balance both lighting and acoustics.

ZenLight™ creates a harmonious oasis of light and sound in any space. But ZenLight™ Baffle Ceiling Light goes beyond traditional lighting fixtures being incorporated into strategically designed and placed sound baffles. The result is enhanced acoustic environments, reduced distractions, and a more peaceful ambiance. With its unmatched functionality combined with style – ZenLight™ Acoustic Sound Baffles is perfect for any space!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how ZenLight™ Sound Baffle Design can elevate the acoustics with the aesthetics of your place. Let us create a customized solution for you that transform your environment into a sanctuary of serenity!

ZenBaffle™ PLUS LIT

ZenBaffle™ PLUS LIT is an illuminated Baffle Ceiling Light with superior sound absorption. Enhance your space with stylish design and improved acoustics.


Modern square-shaped ZenBaffle™ PLUS SQUARED LIT is an illuminated baffle ceiling for exceptional sound absorption and contemporary aesthetics.


Unique triangular-shaped ZenBaffle™ PLUS TRIAD LIT is an illuminated baffle ceiling, combining stunning design with superior sound absorption capabilities.

ZenCloud™ 3D Hex LIT

Striking hexagonal-shaped ZenCloud™ 3D Hex LIT is an illuminated cloud ceiling, adding visual appeal and exceptional sound diffusion to your space.

ZenCloud™ SHADE LIT Square + Rectangle

Contemporary square and rectangular-shaped ZenCloud™ Acoustic Sound Baffles is an illuminated cloud ceiling that delivers style, ambiance, and effective sound diffusion.

ZenGrid™ DUO Octogon LIT

Octagonal-shaped ZenGrid™ DUO Octagon LIT is an illuminated grid ceiling with dual functionality, combining elegant design with efficient lighting and sound management.

ZenGrid™ DUO Pox LIT

Sleek and versatile ZenGrid™ DUO Pox LIT is an illuminated grid ceiling system, offering efficient lighting and sound control for enhanced aesthetics and functionality.