ZenGrid is our category of high-performance decorative acoustic drop ceiling tiles. Available in 2×2 and 2×4 formats, we offer over 50 unique Geometric, Organic, Biophilic and Thematic architectural designs spanning 7 Series.  Custom designs, textures, patterns and layering available.

ZenGrid™ DUO (10)

ZenGrid DUO Series is our double layered drop-ceiling tile range delivering increased topography, sound absorption and diffusion via the added 2nd layer.

Revolutionize your area with our versatile Acoustic Baffles Ceiling. Gain impeccable sound control and harness endless design possibilities for a charming and harmonious acoustic environment. Enhance your area with the energy of ZenGrid™ DUO.

ZenGrid™ SHADE (6)

ZenGrid SHADE Series designs are derived from the vee cut carved textures, patterns and shapes that create a wide range of standard and customizable ceiling tiles.

Elevate your ceiling with our diverse range of acoustic Ceiling Baffle System. Achieve exceptional sound control while adding a touch of style with our aesthetically pleasing design options. Create a harmonious acoustic environment with ZenGrid™ SHADE.

ZenGrid™ LIT (2)

Illuminate your space with our dynamic range of Acoustic Ceiling Tile. Experience outstanding sound control combined with captivating lighting effects, seamlessly integrated into your ceiling. Elevate your acoustic environment with ZenGrid™ LIT for an immersive and visually stunning experience.

Acoustic Design Lab presents modern acoustic solutions that remodel your spaces into zen masterpieces. Our unique ZenGrid™series offers an exceptional range of Acoustic Baffles Ceiling installations, redefines acoustic excellence for ceiling applications with superior sound management and customizable designs and patterns. ZenGrid™ Acoustic Ceiling Tile is ingeniously crafted to unlock the full capacity of your ceiling by effectively addressing problems like excessive reverberation, echo, and unwanted noise.

With the smooth and modern aesthetic design, those baffles add a beautiful texture and sophistication while drastically improving the ambient sound quality in various spaces. Our premium sound absorption materials incorporated into ZenGrid™ Ceiling Baffle System significantly reduce reverberation and control the general sound quality. They limit unwanted noise and echoes to enhance work ambiance and conversations, sound clarity, and the overall acoustic experience. This makes them a great choice for auditoriums, convention rooms, restaurants, offices, shared work spaces and different areas where sound control is essential.

ZenGrid™ Acoustic Baffles Ceiling provides an extensive range of design options that offer a tailored look and feel to fit your needs and design choices. You can select from numerous sizes, patterns and configurations that can be seamlessly integrated into any architectural style or indoor layout idea. The installation technique is easy to drop in directly.  ZenGrid™ baffles are crafted with long-lasting, durable and recycled materials.

Our premium quality ZenGrid™ Ceiling Baffle System delivers the perfect balance between sound control and design versatility. These customizable baffles are the most effective decorative acoustics to reduce unwanted ambient noise. It creates an inviting atmosphere that suits any space, from offices to gyms and yoga studios, classrooms to live performance halls and shared work spaces. With our Ceiling Baffle System, you can remodel any space into an acoustically optimized and aesthetically captivating environment.

Get the best mixture of quality, acoustics and aesthetics with our ZenGrid™ Acoustic Ceiling Tile. These flexible tiles now are the best solution to improve sound control, reduce noise and infuse your area with style. Pick from a range of designs, colors, and textures to create a visually appealing and acoustically optimized environment that suits your unique design alternatives perfectly.

Enjoy acoustic brilliance with ZenGrid™ by Acoustic Design Lab! Our professionals are ready to help you design and specify the suitable ZenGrid™ Acoustic Ceiling Tile solution. Integrate our top-notch collection of acoustic baffles into your ceiling application to create an immersive experience and elevate the overall environment of your area.

So why wait? Contact Acoustic Design Lab today to start your journey toward advanced sound control with our Acoustic Baffles Ceiling! Let’s create a space where sound and design converge seamlessly.