Acoustic Design Lab presents its ultra-modern innovation – ZenCloud™. This revolutionary product line of Felt Clouds is designed to transform any area into an acoustic haven and enhance its visual attraction. What makes ZenCloud™ stand out from others in the market is its unique approach to acoustic design. We want that an area besides looking stunning should also sounds splendid. That is why we carefully craft our Sound Baffle Panels by using premium materials that offer an excellent combination of functionality and aesthetics.

ZenCloud™ Hanging Acoustic Baffles are engineered to absorb and diffuse sound waves. These also reduce echoes, reverberations, and background noise. Setting strategically these clouds to your space may offer you gold standard acoustic performance. It means clearer speech intelligibility, more suitable tune quality, and an improved auditory experience. That’s not all. ZenCloud™ Felt Clouds are designed with style in mind too.

Our product line of Sound Baffle Panels gives a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors that cater to your particular design options. Whether you’re after a minimalist or head-turner look for your area, ZenCloud™ checks all the boxes. Installing ZenCloud™ Hanging Acoustic Baffles is hassle-free with our specialists working closely with you every step of the process for optimum acoustic effectiveness.

With professional setup services furnished by us at Acoustic Design Lab, be confident that your Sound Baffle Panels may be securely installed for ultimate tranquility and splendor. Our revolutionary solution, like Hanging Acoustic Baffles, finds applications in numerous settings which include places of work, conference rooms, educational establishments, or even residential areas where wonderful acoustics matter.

We take pride in providing effective acoustic solutions that elevate the quality of your environment while keeping functionality intact. With ZenCloud™ Felt Clouds by your side today, create sanctuaries where form meets function effortlessly!

ZenCloud™ MONO (4)

Introducing ZenCloud™ MONO (4): the perfect acoustic solution for small spaces. Designed to effectively absorb and diffuse sound, ZenCloud™ MONO (4) offers superior acoustic control in a compact format. Transform your space with this versatile and aesthetically pleasing acoustic cloud solution.

ZenCloud™ SHADE (2)

Experience the ZenCloud™ SHADE: an innovative acoustic solution that combines functionality and style. These sleek and customizable Felt Clouds not only enhance sound quality but also add a touch of elegance to any space. Achieve acoustic excellence with ZenCloud™ SHADE and elevate your environment with sophisticated design.

ZenCloud™ 3D (4)

Step into a new dimension of acoustic design with ZenCloud™ 3D. These dynamic Hanging Acoustic Baffles go beyond traditional flat surfaces, creating a visually captivating and acoustically efficient environment. Elevate your space with the unique and immersive experience offered by ZenCloud™ 3D for unparalleled aesthetics and sound control.

ZenCloud™ MESH (4)

Introducing ZenCloud™ MESH: the perfect blend of form and function. These innovative Sound Baffle Panels feature a mesh design that adds a modern and contemporary touch to any space. Experience enhanced acoustic performance while creating a visually stunning environment with ZenCloud™ MESH. Elevate your space with style and sound control.

ZenStar™ (1)

Discover the brilliance of ZenStar™, a cutting-edge innovation in acoustic solutions. With its star-shaped design, ZenStar™ combines aesthetic appeal with exceptional sound absorption capabilities. Create a captivating and acoustically optimized environment with ZenStar™, adding a touch of elegance and superior acoustic performance to your space.