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In the ever-evolving world of architectural design and acoustic engineering, integrating functional acoustic solutions that complement the aesthetic integrity of a space is a testament to innovation and creativity. The collaboration between TWINSTEPS Architecture, Howard CDM, Artience Lighting, and Acoustic Design Lab (ADL) for the recent project at LIUNA in Lakewood, CA, exemplifies this synergy. This case study explores the installation of ADL’s ZenBaffle MITRE and LIT, alongside ZenWall SHADE Lines 4.0 and ZenWall SHADE Deco 45, showcasing how acoustic sound baffles and tailored design can revolutionize a space.

A Symphony of Light and Sound

LIUNA’s commitment to creating an acoustically balanced and visually stimulating environment led to the selection of ADL’s bespoke acoustic solutions. This project was not just an acoustic intervention but a comprehensive redesign of the space, incorporating multiple products to achieve unparalleled acoustic and aesthetic results.

The Challenge: Balancing Acoustics with Aesthetics

The primary challenge was to enhance the acoustic quality of the space without compromising its visual appeal. The goal was to create an environment that fosters communication and productivity, reflecting LIUNA’s dynamic and innovative spirit.

The Acoustic Design Lab Difference

ADL’s approach to acoustic design is rooted in the belief that functionality and beauty are not mutually exclusive. The products chosen for this project—ZenBaffle MITRE, ZenBaffle LIT, ZenWall SHADE Lines 4.0, and ZenWall SHADE Deco 45—are a testament to this philosophy.

ZenBaffle MITRE and LIT: Innovations in Acoustic Sound Baffles

Acoustic Performance

The ZenBaffle MITRE and LIT systems are designed to tackle complex acoustic challenges. These sound baffles excel in absorbing sound, reducing reverberation, and minimizing noise levels across frequencies. Their strategic installation in LIUNA’s space was critical in achieving the desired acoustic clarity and comfort.

Aesthetic Integration

What sets the ZenBaffle MITRE and LIT apart is their aesthetic versatility. Available in colors #631 B Tangerine and #146 B Med Heather Grey, these baffles were not merely installed; they were woven into the fabric of the space, enhancing its visual narrative. The integration of lighting elements in the ZenBaffle LIT further bridged the gap between acoustic functionality and decorative lighting, illuminating the space in a warm, inviting glow.

ZenWall SHADE Lines 4.0 and Deco 45: The Art of Acoustical Baffles

Complementing the ZenBaffle systems, the ZenWall SHADE Lines 4.0 and Deco 45 in Medium Heather Grey, or Zintra PEWTER 12mm, added depth and texture to the walls. These acoustical baffles served not only as sound-absorbing elements but also as key design features, contributing to the overall aesthetic coherence of the space.

Collaborative Genius: The Teams Behind the Transformation

TWINSTEPS Architecture and Acoustic Design Lab: Architectural and Acoustic Synergy

The success of this project hinged on the seamless collaboration between TWINSTEPS Architecture’s architectural expertise and ADL’s innovative acoustic solutions. This partnership ensured that the acoustic products were not only effective but also beautifully integrated, creating a space that is both functional and visually captivating. ADL was proud and enthusiastic to work with TWINSTEPS Architecture, bringing dedication and creativity to this transformative project.

Howard CDM and Artience Lighting: Architectural and Lighting Synergy

Howard CDM’s architectural expertise and Artience Lighting’s innovative lighting solutions were instrumental in the success of the LIUNA project. This partnership ensured that the acoustic products were not only effective but also beautifully illuminated, creating a space that is both functional and visually captivating.

Acoustic Design Lab: Leading with Innovation

ADL’s role was pivotal in selecting and customizing the acoustic solutions to meet LIUNA’s specific needs. Their expertise in acoustic design and commitment to using sustainable, high-quality materials underscored the project’s ethos of innovation and environmental responsibility.

Impact and Outcomes

Acoustic Excellence Achieved

The installation of ZenBaffle MITRE and LIT, along with ZenWall SHADE products, demonstrated a substantial reduction in reverberation times and noise levels, directly impacting speech intelligibility and overall sound quality in the space. This improvement was critical for creating an environment conducive to productivity and communication.

Aesthetic Transformation

The visual transformation of LIUNA’s space is a testament to the power of combining acoustic solutions with design. The project showcased how acoustical baffles can be integral to a space’s aesthetic, contributing to a unique and cohesive design language.

A Blueprint for Future Projects

The LIUNA project in Lakewood, CA, serves as a blueprint for architects and designers seeking to integrate acoustic solutions that do not compromise on aesthetic values. The collaboration between TWINSTEPS Architecture, Howard CDM, Artience Lighting, and Acoustic Design Lab exemplifies the potential of combining expertise across disciplines to achieve a space that is not only acoustically sound but also visually stunning.

An Acoustic Benchmark for Excellence

This project underscores the importance of sound baffles and acoustical baffles in modern design, demonstrating that with the right approach and collaboration, spaces can be transformed into environments that enhance both sound and sight. As we move forward, the LIUNA project stands as a benchmark for excellence, inspiring future endeavors to embrace the harmony of light, sound, and design. ADL is enthusiastic about continuing to work with visionary partners like TWINSTEPS Architecture to deliver innovative acoustic solutions that elevate the built environment.

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