12mm ZenCloud Hex MONO #155 Steel Heather & #431 Lime PET Acoustic Felt

ZenCloud MONO

Available in over 30 standard sizes and shapes and limitless custom options. ZenCloud MONO is your best option for high performance overhead Clouds.  Our proprietary 2×1 Cloud Track can be specified for individual Clouds or custom grouped Clusters that save cost and reduce excess cable drops while simplifying the leveling process.  Custom cutouts for lights and HVAC happen every day!  Pick up the phone and find out why ZenClouds are the best designed solution for your project!


ZenCloud DUO

When color, texture and higher NRC is desired ……. do the DUO!  Our DUO process of layering provides endless options for your project.  Whether integrating one of our geometric or organic standards or coming up with your own custom product, DUO more than doubles your options.  Apply colorpop or SHADE texture for added impact!


ZenCloud 3D

Go Deep on Design!  Do not doubt that our 3D and Deep Cloud designs deliver dynamic depth!    Seriously high absorption products for huge spaces and high ceilings or tightly-packed workstations. Most designs available with our proprietary Balanced Bass™ Technology and perform as suspended bass traps! Integrated acoustical performance in plain sight!

Acoustic Design Lab Custom ZenStar #355 #420 — One Work


Acoustic Design Lab has the highest-rated, lightest weight and best-install of any faceted Hex Star in the market. 12mm vs 7mm, Aircraft Aluminum vs steel, Mechanical Fasteners vs Velcro ….we do it better, faster, safer and stronger. Get out early with our New School of Design while the others are stuck in detention! #betteracoustics