ZenBaffle SLIM

12mm Thickness!  Available in every iteration imaginable whether straight lines, custom curves or perforations, ZenBaffle SLIM can be installed individually using aircraft cable, in long continuous end-to-end runs using our extrusion, direct mounted to a hard ceiling or to T-Grid drop ceilings using magnets. This is our most widely installed baffle across all markets and with Acoustic Design Lab’s highest-performing 12mm ZenPanel our NRC 0.40 beats the competition by over 11%.

ZenBaffle DUO #755 Violet and #250 Taupe

ZenBaffle DUO

24mm Thickness!  Keeping it simple, yet limitless options!   Layer complimentary or contrasting colors to create a one-of-a-kind solution for your visual design and acoustic requirements.  Start with our best-performing 12mm ZenPanel and add vee cuts, colorpop, metallic screen or custom art to the DUO.  Custom LED “Lit” ZenBaffle DUO are available as custom through our lighting partner

ZenBaffle PLUS

2″, 3″ & 4″ Thicknesses!  ZenBaffle PLUS was developed to provide maximum acoustic performance with a customizable design. Available in 2″, 3″ & 4″ thickness, endless custom heights and lengths up to 108″ …. end-to-end continuous run baffles can be installed well beyond 30 LF.  Get creative and pump up the design with SHADE texture, ColorPop or LIT via our many manufacturing partners like

ZenBaffle H DUB

3.25″ Thickness!  An industry top-seller! This H Baffle was adapted from a digital image for a client based on best performance and zero waste design. After 5 years of refinement to the manufacturing process of nearly 10,000 units, our own version H Dub is available! Using our highest performing 12mm acoustic material in the market, our quality is unmatched. The double blade “H-Baffle” shape balances massive sounds absorption with added diffusion to soften noise and reverb in your open space. Available in standard lengths from 48″ to 108″ and in custom outlines and heights.  Add our Balanced Bass™ Technology to achieve a well-rounded acoustical balance without the emotionally hollow feeling provided by the competition.