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the Sound Baffle by Acoustic Design Lab

ZenBaffle™ Series

: Redefining Acoustic Brilliance

In the realm of modern acoustic solutions, Acoustic Design Lab (ADL) introduces ZenBaffle™, an outstanding line of sound baffles designed to revolutionize acoustic control in any environment. With a perfect blend of capability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, ZenBaffle™ stands as the ideal choice for enhancing the auditory experience in your space.

ZenBaffle™: A Symphony of Acoustic Excellence

ZenBaffle™ Acoustic Baffles, meticulously engineered by ADL, address unique acoustic challenges, including unwanted noise reflections and excessive reverberation. Crafted from top-tier, high-quality, and eco-friendly materials, these Felt Baffles effectively absorb and scatter sound waves, reducing echo and enhancing acoustic clarity. Placing ZenBaffle™ Sound Baffles strategically throughout your space creates a quieter and more secure environment, optimizing speech intelligibility and delivering superior acoustic performance.

Versatility in Design: Tailoring ZenBaffle™ to Your Aesthetic Vision

One of ZenBaffle™’s standout features is its versatility. Available in various shapes, sizes, and shades, these Acoustic Baffles can be custom-designed to align with your specific layout preferences. Seamlessly blending with your existing interior decor, whether you opt for a minimalist appearance or a vibrant statement piece, ZenBaffle™ adapts to your aesthetic imagination, effectively taming undesirable noise.

Professional Installation for Lasting Performance

Installing ZenBaffle™ Sound Baffles is a smooth process, facilitated by professional specialists working closely with you to assess your needs for optimal effectiveness. Rely on our expert installation services to securely mount the baffle system, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Applications Across Diverse Environments

ZenBaffle™ Felt Baffles find applications across diverse environments, including offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, or educational facilities where speech intelligibility is crucial. Offering an ideal solution that meets specific acoustic needs, ADL remains committed to providing innovative solutions that create tranquil spaces with optimal acoustics. By choosing ZenBaffle™ Acoustic Baffles, you can achieve exceptional acoustic control while elevating the visual appeal of your environment.


Discover ZenBaffle™ Subcategories: A Closer Look

1. ZenBaffle SLIM Series: Sleek and Customizable

  • Single layer 12mm acoustic baffles.
  • Made to order in linear and various standard and custom shapes.
  • Available with direct mount aircraft cable and custom continuous run Aluminum H-Track for seamless installations.
  • Explore ZenBaffle SLIM Series

2. ZenBaffle SLIM (SHADE) Series: Carved Textures and Patterns

  • Designs derived from vee cut carved textures, patterns, and shapes applied to SLIM baffles.
  • Choose from a range of standards or create your custom texture.

3. ZenBaffle SLIM (PERF) Series: Custom Perforations and Outlines

  • 12mm acoustic baffles with custom perforations and outlines.

4. ZenBaffle DUO Series: Double Layered Designs

  • Double layer 24mm baffles in geometric, organic, and 2Tone designs.
  • Mix and match colors, insert wayfinding, or apply color-based zone coding.
  • Explore ZenBaffle DUO Series

5. ZenBaffle PLUS Series: Best-Selling Customizable Baffles

  • Best-selling, highly customizable high-performance baffles.
  • NRC >1.0 at standard 2in thickness.
  • Available as stand-alone, cable-hung units, press-fit as ZenRack, optionally LIT, and in interlocking runs of unlimited length.
  • Discover ZenBaffle PLUS Series

6. ZenBaffle PLUS SQUARED Series: Customizable Square Format

7. ZenBaffle PLUS TRIAD Series: 3-Spoke Format Baffles

8. ZenBaffle BOX Series: Chambered Baffles for High Performance

  • Mitre-edge seamless look customizable chambered baffles.
  • High acoustical performance exceeding NRC 1.0.
  • Available as single elements or as a ZenRack BOX assembly.
  • Explore ZenBaffle BOX Series

9. ZenBaffle H-DUB Series: Engineered Acoustic Excellence

  • ADL’s take on a best seller engineered and heavily produced for a former client.
  • Customizable in geometry, blade shape, and color combos.
  • Optionally available with DIRECT or INDIRECT LEDs through our OEM Lighting Partners.
  • Discover ZenBaffle H-DUB Series

Create Harmony with ZenBaffle™

Experience the transformative difference ZenBaffle™ can make in creating an acoustically enhanced and aesthetically pleasing space. Explore our product line of Felt Baffles today, and let ADL help you design a harmonious auditory experience tailored to your unique preferences.

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