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At Acoustic Design Lab (ADL), our commitment to innovation in architectural acoustics is showcased through our collaboration with esteemed clients and their unique visions. A recent partnership with Island Architects in La Jolla, CA, exemplifies how customization and precision engineering can lead to the perfect acoustic solution tailored for specific architectural needs. This article explores the intricate process and technical excellence behind the customized ZenTile Analog and ZenBaffle SLIM installations, setting a new standard for felt baffles, felt wall covering, and acoustic ceiling baffles in the industry.

Customization at Its Core: The ZenTile Analog Expansion

The Genesis of a Tailored Design

Island Architects expressed a keen interest in ADL’s ZenTile Analog, a design inspired by the “BarCode” Tile from 2015, for its aesthetic appeal and acoustic functionality. Their vision to enlarge the design to a 400% dimension presented a unique challenge that required several rounds of detailed renders and precise adjustments to ensure both the acoustic properties and visual impact were not only maintained but enhanced.

Achieving Perfection Through Collaboration

  • Design Expansion: Scaling the ZenTile Analog to a 400% dimension while preserving its original integrity and effectiveness was a task that demanded meticulous attention to detail. The expansion process involved advanced acoustic modeling to predict how the larger surface area would interact with sound waves within the space.
  • Color Selection: The choice of ADL color #250 Café for the enlarged ZenTile Analog was pivotal in achieving a warm and inviting atmosphere, complementing the interior design of the space while enhancing its acoustic properties.

Technical Insights: Ensuring Acoustic Integrity

The upscale of the ZenTile Analog required a reassessment of its acoustic impact. The larger surface area offered enhanced sound absorption and diffusion capabilities, making it an ideal solution for spaces needing significant acoustic treatment without compromising on design aesthetics.

Innovating Acoustic Treatments with ZenBaffle SLIM

Introducing the ZenBaffle SLIM

To complement the room’s acoustic treatment, Island Architects selected the ZenBaffle SLIM in color #105 White Heather. This choice not only added to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also contributed significantly to its overall acoustic performance. The ZenBaffle SLIM’s design, coupled with its innovative magnetic installation system, represents a leap forward in the field of acoustic ceiling baffles.

The Magnetic Installation: A Paradigm of Precision

  • Installation Efficiency: The magnetic install system of the ZenBaffle SLIM facilitated a seamless and clean installation process. This method not only reduced installation time but also allowed for easy adjustments and alignments, ensuring a flawless finish.
  • Visual and Acoustic Harmony: The ZenBaffle SLIM, with its sleek design and superior sound absorption capabilities, perfectly complemented the expanded ZenTile Analog, creating a cohesive and acoustically balanced environment.

Enhancing Spaces with Felt Acoustic Solutions

The use of felt in both the ZenTile Analog and ZenBaffle SLIM underscores ADL’s commitment to combining functional acoustic solutions with sophisticated design elements. Felt, as a material, offers excellent sound absorption properties and adds a tactile quality to the acoustic treatments, enriching the sensory experience of the space.

ZenPanel Felt Baffles and Wall Coverings: A Dual Approach

  • ZenPanel Felt Baffles: The ZenBaffle SLIM, utilized as an acoustic ceiling baffle, demonstrates the versatility of felt in addressing overhead sound absorption in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • ZenPanel Felt Wall Covering: The ZenTile Analog’s application as a felt wall covering showcases how wall-mounted acoustic solutions can double as striking design features while providing critical sound dampening and diffusion.

Redefining Spaces with ADL’s Acoustic Solutions

The collaboration between Acoustic Design Lab and Island Architects in La Jolla, CA, has culminated in an acoustic treatment that exemplifies the potential of custom solutions in architectural acoustics. Through the innovative expansion of the ZenTile Analog and the strategic implementation of the ZenBaffle SLIM, this project highlights how aesthetic desires and acoustic needs can be seamlessly integrated.

Why Choose ADL for Your Next Project

  • Customization Capability: ADL’s ability to customize solutions, as demonstrated in the collaboration with Island Architects, ensures that each project can achieve its unique aesthetic and acoustic objectives.
  • Innovative Installation Techniques: The magnetic installation of the ZenBaffle SLIM points to ADL’s commitment to efficient, clean, and precise installation processes that cater to the modern needs of architectural design.
  • Material Excellence: The use of felt in our acoustic solutions not only aids in superior sound absorption but also adds a layer of design flexibility, allowing for a wide range of color and texture options to suit any space.

Architects and designers looking to push the boundaries of acoustic design are invited to explore the possibilities with Acoustic Design Lab. Our dedication to innovation, customization, and technical excellence makes us the ideal partner for creating spaces where design and function harmonize to enhance the human experience.

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