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Introduction to the ZenBaffle PLUS Project

In October 2023, Acoustic Design Lab, a leader in acoustic solutions, unveiled its latest masterpiece: the ZenBaffle PLUS. This innovative acoustic baffle system, designed for’s new Solana Beach Headquarters, is not just a triumph of soundscaping; it’s a dazzling combination of form and function.

Collaborative Effort for an Exceptional Outcome

This project represents a synergy of various expert teams. Garcia’s Precision Acoustics (GPA) took charge of the installation, ensuring every baffle was placed with precision for optimal acoustic performance. New Wave Electric brought their electrical expertise to the table, integrating the innovative lighting technology seamlessly. JB Pacific, as the general contractor, orchestrated the diverse teams, maintaining the project’s vision. Tanya Furlong’s interior design expertise added an aesthetic dimension that perfectly complemented the acoustic functionality.

The ZenBaffle PLUS: A Revolution in Acoustic Design

Integrating Goldeneye’s Patented Airelight 1.0

The ZenBaffle PLUS is not just any ceiling baffle. It incorporates Goldeneye’s patented Airelight 1.0, a cutting-edge ceramic technology that transforms the baffle into a source of light. This integration of lighting and sound absorption is a significant leap in acoustic ceiling solutions.

Soundscaping Meets Lighting

Soundscaping, the art of creating an acoustic environment, is elevated in the ZenBaffle PLUS. The fusion of light and sound provides a multisensory experience, enhancing both the acoustic and visual ambiance of a space. This makes the ZenBaffle PLUS an ideal solution for modern workspaces seeking to balance aesthetics with functionality.

  • The Aesthetic Appeal of the ZenBaffle PLUS

    The ZenBaffle PLUS is not just about performance; it’s a statement piece. Its square design, lit up with the warm glow of Airelight 1.0, adds a touch of elegance to any interior. The design choices reflect the contemporary trends in office design, where form and function are intertwined.

    The Installation Process: Precision and Expertise

    GPA’s Role in the Acoustic Transformation

    Garcia’s Precision Acoustics, known for their meticulous approach, played a crucial role in the installation of the ZenBaffle PLUS. Their expertise in acoustic installations ensured that each baffle was positioned for maximum acoustic effectiveness and visual impact.

    Challenges and Solutions

    Installing a product that combines acoustics with lighting presents unique challenges. GPA’s expertise in handling such intricate installations was evident in their ability to overcome these challenges, resulting in a flawless finish.

    Electrical Integration by New Wave Electric

    Seamless Incorporation of Lighting Technology

    New Wave Electric’s involvement was crucial in integrating the Airelight 1.0 technology into the ZenBaffle PLUS. Their electrical expertise ensured that the lighting elements were not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

    Safety and Efficiency

    Incorporating electrical components into acoustic solutions requires a focus on safety and efficiency. New Wave Electric’s adherence to high safety standards and efficient electrical practices played a significant role in the project’s success.

    The Role of JB Pacific as General Contractor

    Orchestrating the Multidisciplinary Team

    JB Pacific, as the general contractor, coordinated the efforts of the diverse teams involved in the project. Their management ensured that each aspect of the installation, from acoustic placement to electrical integration, was executed to perfection.

    Timely and Coordinated Execution

    The timely completion of the project, without compromising on quality, was a testament to JB Pacific’s effective project management and coordination skills.

    Tanya Furlong’s Interior Design Vision

    Complementing Acoustics with Aesthetics

    Tanya Furlong’s interior design expertise added an essential aesthetic dimension to the project. Her ability to blend the acoustic elements with the overall design of the space resulted in a harmonious and visually appealing environment.

    A Tailored Approach for’s HQ

    Furlong’s design choices were tailored to the needs and brand of, ensuring that the space reflected the company’s identity and ethos.

Conclusion: A Benchmark in Acoustic Ceiling Solutions

The ZenBaffle PLUS project at’s Solana Beach HQ sets a new standard in acoustic ceiling solutions. The collaboration of skilled professionals resulted in a space that is not only acoustically optimized but also visually stunning. This project demonstrates the potential of soundscaping when combined with innovative design and expert execution. The ZenBaffle PLUS, with its integration of Goldeneye’s Airelight 1.0, marks a significant advancement in the field, offering a solution that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

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