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Tackling Acoustical Challenges with ADL’s ZenScreen MONO Panels

San Diego Office Design partnered with Acoustic Design Lab (ADL) to find an effective and innovative solution to the acoustical challenges posed by the Port of San Diego’s Cruise Ship Terminal. This large, echo-filled, warehouse-like space had hard, reflective walls, floors, and ceilings, causing significant reverberation and complicating the clear movement of passengers. The solution required visually appealing and acoustically effective sound baffles that also served as partitions for entry and exit zones.

ADL’s response was the double-sided, digitally printed ZenScreen MONO panels, which could represent the iconic San Diego Bay while meeting stringent acoustical requirements. These acoustical baffles were designed to deliver optimal noise reduction, easy installation, and seismic compliance, making them a comprehensive solution for the challenging terminal environment.

Engineering a Tailored Acoustical Solution

Design Requirements and Challenges

The client needed a visual theme aligned with the San Diego Bay aesthetic, as well as a practical solution to minimize noise and control passenger flow. The space was plagued with excessive echo due to the high ceilings and hard surfaces. The solution needed to:

  1. Provide effective noise reduction.
  2. Fit seamlessly with the terminal’s visual theme.
  3. Be easy to install while ensuring seismic compliance.

The ZenScreen MONO Panels: Features and Benefits

  • Sound Baffle Design: The ZenScreen MONO panels are made from Declare: Red List Free acoustic PET felt materials, offering exceptional sound absorption. They have a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), absorbing sound waves to reduce reverberation effectively.
  • Class A Fire Rating: These panels meet Class A fire rating standards, ensuring maximum safety in large public spaces.
  • HPD 2.2 Certified: They also comply with Health Product Declaration Collaborative Open Standard v2.2, affirming their contribution to healthy building practices.
  • LEED Credits: As they qualify for LEED Green Building Credits, architects and designers can incorporate them into sustainable design projects.

Installation Process and Shop Drawings

ADL produced detailed shop drawings outlining the installation process, including cable runs and attachment options. The drawings also specified how to embed aluminum bushings into the ZenScreen panels to prevent movement during windy events with the bay doors open. The seismic code-compliant cable-suspended system ensured stability and precision alignment.

Efficiency and Precision

The cable-suspended system made installation straightforward, allowing for precise positioning of the sound baffles without disrupting terminal operations. The embedded aluminum bushings reinforced structural integrity, ensuring the panels remained stable and functional under varying conditions.

Key Considerations: The Importance of Sound Baffles in Acoustical Design

The Role of Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is a critical factor in assessing the effectiveness of acoustical baffles. ADL’s ZenScreen MONO panels achieved an optimal NRC, allowing for superior absorption of sound waves and significantly reducing echo in the Cruise Ship Terminal.

Sustainability and Health Compliance

The use of Declare: Red List Free acoustic PET felt materials ensures that the panels are environmentally responsible and free from harmful substances. Achieving HPD 2.2 certification and qualifying for LEED credits further reflects ADL’s commitment to sustainability.

Seismic Compliance and Fire Safety

With seismic compliance and Class A fire rating, these baffles are suitable for installation in high-risk environments like public terminals, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff.

Choosing ADL for Your Next Acoustical Project

The San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal project with San Diego Office Design demonstrates how ADL’s customized acoustical baffles can transform even the most challenging spaces. By offering superior acoustic performance, aesthetic flexibility, and compliance with health and safety standards, ADL’s ZenScreen MONO panels set a new benchmark in acoustical design.

Why Specify ADL Products

  1. Customization: ADL provides tailored solutions to meet specific project needs, ensuring seamless integration into any design aesthetic.
  2. Technical Excellence: Our acoustical baffles are engineered with advanced materials to deliver exceptional noise reduction and durability.
  3. Sustainability: With LEED credits, Declare certification, and HPD compliance, ADL’s products support environmentally friendly and health-conscious building practices.

Architects and designers who specify ADL products are choosing a partner that prioritizes quality, innovation, and sustainability. The ZenScreen MONO panels are just one example of how ADL is redefining the future of architectural acoustics.

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